"Liz taught my son to speak. She also laid the foundation for him to utilize intonation and recognize emotion. She met him at every session with an excited attitude and determination to improve his capability level. Her unique and highly-skilled professional approach coupled with her passion has endeared her to me and my family always. 

I recommend her as a speech language pathologist to any family seeking assistance for a loved one. " 

                                                  ~Elizabeth (parent)


My daughter, Lia,  loved working with Liz! Mia is saying her "L" and "S" sounds so much better. I am so happy we found her!


"Liz brings professionalism and a kind and vibrant spirit with her wherever she goes. She worked very hard with my son and he is talking and speaking more clearly now!"

~Sara (parent)

Before starting speech therapy, my little one only said 3 words. Now she can string together 5 and 6 word sentences! I am SO thankful for Ms. Liz.

- Kristen (parent)

"When I first met Miss Liz, my son was still having a little trouble transitioning to a new therapist, but after a few sessions with Miss Liz, he was okay. Not only was he okay, but during his sessions with Miss Liz he was a constant honor roll student, never missing one. Miss Liz has an awesome balance of being firm as well as friendly. You get a little behavior therapy from her as well, can't ask for more.  I admit, I was very disappointed when Miss Liz announced that she was moving. So trust me, if you have her as a therapist, you're in good hands! Since our last visit with her, my son, is doing well and making progress, but I miss seeing those honor roll certificates."

~Aneesa (parent)