Concierge Pediatric Speech and Language Services: 

I come to you!  

  • Would your loved one benefit from fun and effective speech  and/or language therapy from an experienced, certified speech and language pathologist? 

  • Does your child have a speech and/or language difficulty but did not qualify for services through the state?  Or would you like therapy in addition to the services you currently receive?

  • Does your child need speech and language services without the inconvenience of traveling to a clinic?


Speech Spark Therapy Services LLC  specializes in providing individual speech and language therapy and evaluations to toddlers, preschoolers, and school aged children in their natural communication environment.  Each session is customized to you and your family.  Family members are involved and are taught how to address communication needs in daily routines.  Please see below for additional information regarding evaluations and therapy sessions.

Speech Spark Therapy Services LLC is currently based in St. Louis, Missouri and offers in-home, online, and community based services to meet your family's needs. Please contact me for details. Restrictions regarding distance apply. 

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Speech & Language THERAPY

Speech and/or language therapy will be individualized and customized to your child.  The treatment plan will be discussed and developed with your family's goals in mind. Frequency of sessions will be determined based on your child's needs, goals, and family schedule. Therapy will be provided in his/her most natural communication environment.  Family training and involvement is crucial in your child's progress in therapy. The family will regularly receive handouts, visual supports, practice ideas, parent training and coaching as a part of therapy sessions.  Services may be provided:

  • on-site/in person

  • speech teletherapy sessions - sessions online through a secure platform if the child is an appropriate candidate. Telepractice is an exciting, effective, and convenient option to incorporate therapy sessions into your family's  busy schedule! More Information for teletherapy 


Speech & Language Evaluation

The skills that you are concerned with will be specifically evaluated during the assessment. 

Other areas that may be evaluated include: prelinguistic skills, social language skills, receptive/expressive language skills, articulation, auditory processing, and oral motor skills.  The assessment will include gathering of case history information such as your child's medical, developmental, social, family, academic, and speech/language developmental history. You will be provided direct consultation, recommendations, and a comprehensive report of your child's communication skills. 

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