The following are helpful resources for clinicians. I refer to these websites, articles, videos, etc for my continued education in the wonderful and ever-changing world of speech and language!

Teachers Pay Teachers is an invaluable tool for unlimited materials! Here is my page : here

Boom Learning: Another amazing site. It has been invaluable especially during this pandemic and the new age of all things virtual.

FREE Apraxia CEU course (6 hours of amazing information to apply right away) by Dr. Edythe Strand:

My favorite CCC-SLPs/Blogs/Materials: (Seriously check them out!) 

Pam Marshalla

Jennie Bjorem from Bjorem Speech

Cari Ebert from Cari Ebert Seminars

Amy Graham from Graham Speech Therapy 

Shannon from Speechy Musings

Amanda Schaumburg from Panda Speech

Happy Communicating! You all are amazing! 

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