Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow

I'm the type to start listening to Christmas music, look up holiday activities for speech and language therapy, and dust off the stored away ugly holiday sweaters the day after Thanksgiving. There is just something about twinkling lights and the smell of balsam and peppermint. The candy cane treats and sugar cookie sweets baking in the kitchen. Its just such a happy, festive time of year and its my favorite. The kids on my caseload, around this time of year, also seem to be on their best behavior ( Hmm.. I wonder why?...)

Speech and language therapy is always more fun for kiddos (and myself) when its themed to the specific time of year. December brings lots of engaging ways to target speech and language skills including seasonal vocabulary, crafts for following directions, and winter themed speech therapy drills. This time of year is also super busy for families. Sometimes, due to travel, snow days, or other obligations, children may miss school and/or other appointments. I've created a calendar for the month of December of some fun daily language boosting activities for your family to enjoy! Quality time together is what makes this season bright!🎇

Click HERE for a calendar of activities to do with your child this month.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays from my family to yours,


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