Let's Stay Safe, Healthy and Connected during this unprecedented time. Speech Spark Services offers teletherapy sessions so you can have speech and language sessions safely and conveniently at home.

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Here you will find information about speech and language issues, tips for parents as well as clinicians,  and helpful information about speech and language development.


Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy Services

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If you have concerns regarding your child's communication skills or speech and language development, contact me for a free phone consultation to determine whether your child may require a full speech and language assessment. 

Speech and Language Evaluation

A formal assessment will be completed to learn more about your child. I will evaluate specific areas of speech and language to determine your child's communication strengths and needs.  

Treatment Design

Following the comprehensive speech and language evaluation, results will be explained to  parents/caregivers. If speech and language therapy is deemed beneficial and necessary, a customized treatment plan will be developed for your child's specific needs. 


Therapy frequency and duration is different for every child and family. Family involvement  and participation is pertinent for success and carryover of  target skills. This will be discussed further following the speech and language evaluation. 

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